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Kulinarya Fundraising Bazaar

January 29,2019

Fundraising and Bazaar are two different words that don’t seem to fit in the same sentence. Fundraising deals with money and how to earn it while Bazaar also deals with money but focuses on money being spent. When the two words are put together, it seems to be contradicting but as the saying by Audrey Hepburn goes, “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’”. Last October 15, 2018 marked the first day of the Fundraising Kulinarya Bazaar. The Organization of the Culinary Arts Strand under the Technical Vocational Track, Kulinarya: Future Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Association (also known as Kulinarya for short), successfully combined the two words and executed the initial event of the organization.

The Fundraising Event located at the Sr Lieou Sy Hall continued for one more day. A variety of food was served such as pancakes, brownie crunchies, smoothie bowls, and pancit with egg. Besides the variety of food offered, pre-loved items were being sold for cheap prices. The pre-loved items included clothes, wallets, Kpop merchandise and accessories. The event was able to serve students from various grade levels from grade school to high school. Teachers and other employees came as well to support and give thanks to our service.

The event was purely planned and organized by all the members, both the grade 11 and 12, of the organization with guidance from the moderator, Mr. Victor Vigo. The goals and objectives of the event was not focused on earning money, but it was more aligned in developing skills in service and further enhancing the skills that have already been developed such as planning and preparation, decision making and working under time pressure. Just like every other event or activity filled with work and stress, in the end the event was concluded successfully achieving the initial purpose: to serve not only the stomach but also the heart and not only the people but ourselves as well.

by Alyana Morales,
President, Kulinarya: Future Hoteliers and Restaurateurs’ Association