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Kapatid Music Ministry Conducts Club Team Building

January 7,2016

The Kapatid Music Ministry is a club in the Junior High School (JHS) that functions primarily as the  official liturgical choir of the unit.  It is likewise a spiritual formation group which aids in the realization of the Christian Living Education (CLE) Program anchored on the three roles of Jesus: Priestly, Kingly, and Prophetic. The club is composed of talented and pious Scholasticans who love to glorify God by singing songs of praise. Members commit to serve and to worship God by animating the liturgical celebrations of the faith community through sacred and liturgical music.  Their musical talents and giftedness are creatively honed during scheduled practices with the supervision of a trainer and a moderator. 

To attain the aforementioned ideals, the club held its team building activity last November 11 during the club hour at St. Scholastica’s Garden. The event meant to help the group evolve into a cohesive unit not only by sharing expectations in accomplishing group tasks, but also by trusting and supporting one another. Ultimately, it aimed to foster respect by acknowledging the members’ individual differences.

After accomplishing various challenging and rigorous group tasks which were facilitated by the club trainer, Ms. Carell Ethilca S. Belandres, the club members took part in an agape – a fellowship meal that enhanced camaraderie as everyone shared joyful experiences from the prior activities. Smile and laughter combined with a high club spirit filled the room as everybody bid goodbye at the end of a tiring but gratifying club hour. In the end, the team building experience made everyone believe what Blessed Teresa of Calcutta once said, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together, we can do something wonderful”.

By Mr. Arnel D. Daliva, Faculty and Club Moderator