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Junior High School Faculty rides the Dragon

December 9,2015

Robert J. Wicks, Psy.D., a sought-after author, professor and speaker on pastoral psychology and spirituality gave a lecture entitled “Riding the Dragons”, which was also the title of his best-selling book for those who are in the helping professions, spiritual formation and caregivers at the Leong Hall of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), Quezon City on the 13th of November from 8:30 am to 12:00 nn.

Sister M. Rosalina Fajardo, OSB, Junior High School (JHS)Principal and five faculty members – Mrs. Daisy Espina, Mrs. Rosario Decipulo, Mrs. Joy Castroñero, Miss Carolyn Aquino and Mr. Hansel Geneta – trooped to the Ateneo to listen to the speaker’s insights on the importance of compassion and kindness in taking care of one’s inner self and how to deal with difficulties and problems symbolized by the “dragons”. He encouraged people to learn to ride those dragons instead of slaying them in order to avoid self-violence.

Although pressed for time, Dr. Wicks was able to touch on the following significant topics:

     –  Maintaining a healthy sense of perspective
     – Avoiding dangers that lead to unnecessary stress
     – Developing your own self-care program
     – Knowing the four “voices” we need in our circle of friends
     – Facing the inner darkness
     – Developing a rule of prayer

By Carolyn M. Aquino, Faculty