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Joey Ayala and Egai Fernandez discuss Art as a Form of Expression in Times of Repression

January 6,2020

Last September 26, 2019, renowned artists Joey Ayala and Egai Fernandez shared with the College and Senior High School students their experiences on using art as an expression of protest, especially during Martial Law.  Egai Fernandez, a visual artist, showed how his paintings, art installations depicted particular experiences of repression and how people reacted to his art. Joey Ayala, on the other hand, sang songs addressing issues on the environment, on peace and on the plight of some sectors in society. 

The audience, who were mostly students enjoyed the forum especially when a couple of students join in the singing of Joey Ayala.

The forum was conducted to raise the awareness of the students on the situation of Martial Law and how artists used art as an alternative form of expression. The forum also stressed that Martial Law should never be allowed to happen again in the country. 

The forum was held in the Social Hall. The event was conducted in collaboration with the National Commission on Culture and Arts.