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JMA’s Talk on Photoshop

January 21,2015

Last December 16, 2014, the Junior Marketing Association together with the Phicsamation conducted a seminar entitled Photoshop: Learning the Basics. The objective of the activity is to help the students to learn the simple use of the Photoshop but have no resources of doing so and at the same time to have interaction with the other organizations from different departments.

From the IT department, the Phicsamation invited one of their professors who’s in the position to share his knowledge about the topic. Mr. Roland V. Saldivar was the one who imparted some skills that would help the students know about the basics of Photoshop. On the other hand, the JMA took charge of the program flow of the event. They also got a sponor, Ruffles Bag, which helped them to give away some prizes for the raffle. 

This event was attended by the members of the Junior Marketing Association because, of course, this could help them in doing their presentations and advertisements. They may not be doing this in the real world but this would help them to be familiarized with the process, and thus, understand how it works behind every poster, billboard, flyer or any advertising material they conceptualize. Truly, it became a big help for the marketing students and will surely be very useful in the future. 

By: Judea Aira D. Leonor