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Japan International Field Study School of Hotel, Leisure and restaurant Management and School of Business

January 7,2019

Last November 29, 2018, the students from the School of Hotel, Leisure, & Restaurant Management along with the students from the School of Business went to Japan for their International Field Study. The students along with Dean Sicdawag and Dean Romero stayed in Tokyo for 5 days which lasted till December 3, 2018.

On the first day of their educational tour, the students arrived at the Narita International Airport before lunch. When they arrived they were warmly greeted by their tour guide named Mr. Lee who brought them first to a buffet restaurant for their late lunch. The students enjoyed an all-you-can-eat wherein they can cook the food themselves and choose from a variety of meats. They also got the chance to make their own ramen bowls and cotton candies. After that, they took a long drive to Tokyo wherein their second destination was Asakusa. The first thing the students saw was the Kaminarimon gate with an inscription written in Kyoto lantern that was translated by Mr. Lee to be the “Thunder Gate”. They had the chance to visit and shop at Nakamise Street then headed towards the Senso-Ji Temple which can also be found in that area. To end their first day in Tokyo, they passed by the Rainbow Bridge and they had dinner in a place near their hotel wherein the students were offered a hotpot which they could mix according to their liking.

For their second day, the students were brought to Rikkyo University and were given a tour by some of the school’s faculty and staff. They visited the library, the cafeteria, and the grounds of the school. This school was founded in 1874 which means that this school was already more than a hundred years old but still had modern facilities. The place was surrounded by a lot of beautiful trees and even the buildings were covered by plants and flowers. Their next destination was the Coin Factory/Mint Museum. This place showed the students the process on how they could customize different coins that they offer. The tour will never be completed without taking a look at the most famous statue of Hachiko. So, they went to Shibuya Station where the heroic statue was built. They experienced the ‘busy-feels’ of the station due to the hundreds of people and buildings in the place.

On the third day, they went to the Gotemba Premium outlet where numbers of branded shops can be seen – from Pokemon stores to fashion outlets. Almost all of the branded shops can be found in this place, not to mention, some stores which offer items for the lowest price. This place also showed a glimpse of the beauty of Mt. Fuji. Then, they also went to another temple where Mt. Fuji had a much better view compared to their previous destination. The beauty of Japan’s autumn season can also be seen here due to the number of fallen leaves from the trees. Next stop, the students had the chance to experience the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. Although it lasted for a short time, 15 minutes to be exact, it still brought so much to treasure.

The students drove to Yokohama for the Cup Noodles Museum to mark the start of their fourth day tour. Here, they were able to personalize their own choice of cups to be used as a container for their noodles later on. After designing it, they had to give it to the factory workers assigned to process and turn it to finished products. The students were given a variety of flavors and seasonings that will be put in their personalized cup noodles. They were given 12 selections of flavors for their seasoning but were tasked to choose only four. The schedule went on and it was time to go to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland Japan. Unfortunately, the time was limited and because the schedule was on a Sunday, the place was jam-packed with people, both by tourists and locals. Even though the students only stayed there for a few hours, the joy they had cannot be denied. 

Sad to say that on the last day, they did not get to do anything except drive to the airport to catch their flight. Despite the different struggles that the students encountered in the tour, all of them went home carrying tons of knowledge and fun stories to tell to their parents of their stay in Japan.

By Ana Sophia Isabelle B. Tamodra