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JAM’s S’moresPop for CARA

January 7,2015

The Junior Association of Management (JAM) is a student academic organization that fosters knowledge in Business Management students and hones student members to achieve excellence through maximizing their talents and potentials. It aims to provide its student members the strength and will to experience the corporate world by fostering their acquired management knowledge to actively pursue and create business opportunities that they can offer to their fellow countrymen.

Recently, it executed a project entitled, “SmoresPop for CARA”, which was led by Lizzanel L. Almanzor, the head of the project and the treasurer of JAM. It aimed to raise funds, which will be donated to the beneficiary, Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA). CARA is an organization that promotes animal welfare by helping stray and abused cats and dogs. Animal welfare has been a talk of the town recently as more and more cats and dogs become strayed along the roads. Worse, they die from starvation and road accidents, unloved. Hence, this project of JAM was initiated to emphasize that animal life is as important as human life.

During the project, large marshmallows covered in chocolate and Graham crumbs at a price of PhP 10.00 were sold to the Scholastican community. It was held at the Freezone from 8:30am-1:30pm on Nov. 12 (W) and 10:30am-12:00pm on Nov. 13 (Th). Surprisingly on the first day, the 200 pieces of smorespop that were supposed to be sold for two (2) days were sold-out in just an hour or two. Hence, Ms. Almanzor was forced to create 218 more pieces of SmoresPop for the afternoon of that day and the 2nd day, which was greater than the actual target sales of 200 pieces at the end of the 2-day activity.

After the 2-day activity, the project garnered total sales of PhP 4,810.00 for selling 481 pcs. of SmoresPop for PhP 10.00 each. This was double the projected sales of PhP 2,000.00 since the target pieces of SmoresPops to be sold were only 200 pcs. The organization was able to obtain a net profit of Php3, 758.25 in which 100% of the proceeds were used to buy dog and cat foods. It was successfully given to CARA on Nov. 17, 2014 (M) at 9:00am by Lizzanel L. Almanzor, Project Head and Treasurer of JAM, together with some other officers of the organization including Johnna Paula S. Austria, President; Ma. Chrizhel C. Francisco, Auditor and Assistant Project Head; Maria Beatrice E. Santos, Outreach Liaison Officer; Jeanne Marie N. Yamzon, Assistant Outreach Liaison Officer; and Karen Joyce L. Talha, Clean & Green Committee Head.

This project gave the JAMmers an idea that there is a market for such goods within St. Scholastica’s College. In fact, some of the customers noted the packaging of the product and the notable quotes about animal welfare attached on the sticks. Therefore, JAM understood that the Scholastican market is very supportive of fundraising activities especially that with a good cause. Also, JAM found out that when students are buying in groups, the decision of one member of the group to buy influences the purchasing decision of almost everyone in the group as well.

Not only JAM was able to execute management theories and practices, but more importantly, they were able to exhibit the Benedictine value of Stewardship. Animal life is as precious as human life. Once again, thank you to the whole Scholastican Community for supporting our cause.

By: Ma. Chrizhel Francisco
Assistant Project Head/JAM Auditor