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JAM: Post it Up! Waking up to face Mother Earth’s Dilemma

March 13,2015

It is evident that nowadays countries all over the world are faced with the bothering issue that concerns the environment. People have been actively advocating to become responsible citizens as they find means to extend their care and help for Mother Earth to somehow diminish the problems posed by the irresponsible citizens who never realize the harm they cause against the environment that continuously nurtures us.

The Junior Association of Management (JAM) had an interactive exhibit last February 12-14 as a means of helping save Mother Earth through spreading awareness and engaging the Scholastican community to be active agents of change. Also, in line with the school theme on stewardship, we were able to capture the Scholastican community’s interest in being part of the advocacy on being responsible citizens for the environment and to let them know that it is essential to take part in the battle to bring back or to somehow lessen the environmental problems. This activity provided illustrations of and information regarding the environmental issues wherein people were able to post their messages, opinions or stand about it as they are awakened by the information provided in the panel boards. To show our concern for Mother Earth, only recycled materials were used.

Sixty-five (65) messages were posted—more than the projected number of messages reflected in the concept paper. The messages were very insightful and meaningful, filled with eagerness and willingness in increasing awareness to help Mother Earth as well as to bring back what was lost in our environment; thus making the activity successful in creating awareness. The pictures that showcased the different environmental issues and other facts about the current status of the environment caught the attention of many Scholasticans.

Through this activity, we hope to inspire students and make them future advocates. It is important for us to do our share in caring for the environment as a way of giving back. Saving the environment is a selfless act and thru the messages that some of the Scholasticans posted, we became more hopeful that our generation can make a significant contribution and more awakened to respond to the problems in order to make this world a better place. This will begin by disciplining ourselves and then influencing others to take part in our advocacy.

By: Lizzanel Almanzor