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Industry Exposure Trip 2019

February 26,2019

Last January 18, 2019, we, the members of Future Hoteliers and Restaurateurs’ Association, together with the select members of Culinary & Entrepreneur Organization of St. Scholastica’s College-Manila, had our industry exposure trip at Conrad Manila. It was a privilege for us to be able to have an exposure trip in Conrad Manila because not only did the experience inspire us to become better in our future professions, but it also helped us to recognize the reality of working in the hotel industry and the importance of working together.

The program started with a seminar about the importance of hard work. It was an honor to be able to meet Mr. Bon Collantes, the training manager of Conrad Manila. He introduced us to the reality of working in the industry and taught us life lessons that can help us in the future once we start employment. One thing that really stuck to us was when he told us that once we start working, we do not automatically go to the position we want. We all start from the bottom and we climb to the top. Before becoming a training manager, he used to work as a housekeeper, then a chef and even worked as front desk officer which made us realize that we all have to work hard to climb to the position we want to go to.

After the talk, we had our sumptuous lunch at one of the restaurants inside the hotel, the Brasserie on 3. The buffet lunch offered a wide range of food from the different parts of the world. It was also a great opportunity that they showcased one of their best bartenders to show us what Food and Beverage (F & B) is, and it inspired us to not only take culinary but also F & B for college. It was an honor to see the kitchens of Conrad and how they work in the kitchen. Being able to see how the chefs make the food gave us the fire to work hard and inspired us to make our own recipes.

Indeed, the industry exposure trip helped us to become aware of how the hotel industry really works and made us realize that a single person cannot make it alone but needs the cooperation of the other team members in order to succeed.

Written by: Isabella Marie B. Dasig
Member, Future Hoteliers and Restaurateurs’ Association