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HS Glee Club, Music Ensemble perform in Flag Ceremony for National Children’s Month

January 6,2020

It is a great honor that the two music organizations of SSC Manila were invited to lead the Philippine National Anthem at the Rizal Monument, Manila for the celebration of National Children’s Month, and as host of the upcoming Southeast Asian Games which starts this November 30 until December 11 of this year. 

Upon arrival, the monument was already filled with students and adults who support the advocacy for the children’s rights and welfare. The uplifting and positive energy of everyone stands out all throughout the grounds, and it was surely a well-prepared event that somehow signifies everyone’s dedication to that celebration. 

Representatives from different government offices, prominent athletes, the youth and athletes from various schools were among the participants of the event. Words of encouragement and appreciation towards the support of their fellow Filipinos were the most notable part of the event. Not only positivity was seen in the faces of many, but hope, love, and respect for the country. 

As the flag rises to its peak on the pole, it brings out the pride and joy of every individual present in the Rizal Monument.

Despite being in an open space, the sound of everyone’s voices came out perfectly. Never sounded like noise but rather music to the ears, medleying to be heard by inspiring a young generation. It was filled with warmth and glee.

 by Kristine Izabel Aranas, 12-Resilience