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HS Glee Club Celebrates “KANTA!”

April 1,2019

St. Scholastica’s College-Manila (SSCM) High School Glee Club was featured in “KANTA!”, a choral workshop and festival hosted by the Kodaly Society of the Philippines (KSP) at the St. Cecilia’s Hall last February 2 and 5.

Led by KSP Hungarian conductor Dr. Laszlo Norbert Nemes, “KANTA!” is composed of a three-day workshop which aims to help choirs enhance their performance on their chosen repertoire, musicianship and rehearsal techniques, and a day of performance or “festival”.

The club members attended the “KANTA!” workshop last February 2. Dr. Nemes listened and taught them different vocal and breathing techniques to help enhance their voices, and they participated actively. They managed to learn new skills and techniques that will help them improve their future performances. Overall, it was an enjoyable learning experience for the club, the conductor and the moderator. 

On February 5, the last day of the “KANTA!”, the SSCM High School Glee Club was prepared to showcase their talents and skills they had learned during the workshop. They performed Z. Kodaly’s “Turot Eszik A Cigany” and J. Pamintuan’s “O Magnum Mysterium” conducted by Dr. Carl Facto. Their performance was deemed outstanding.  The club received a ‘bravo’ from the audience and heart-warming congratulatory messages from other chorales and conductors saying that they were exceptional.

They say life is like a piano; the white keys represent happiness and the black shows sadness. As you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys also make music. The club remained persistent in their goal to have an excellent performance despite the hardships they had. Although it was never a competition, the club, the conductor and the moderator felt as if they won that night. They did not only obtain newly acquired knowledge of music, but they also gained a stronger bond with each other. Along the way, they will face problems, yet they always manage to pick themselves up. They’ve learned that there is no way but up.

That In All Things, God May Be Glorified!

By: SOLIS, Antoinette Lindsey G., 10-Commitment, Glee Club Vice-President