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High School Ecology Month 2014

November 11,2014

Last September 1, the Science Area, headed by Ms. Sheryl Sombilon, launched Ecology Month with the theme “Praying for Clearer Skies, Working Towards a Greener Earth”. This marked the start of the month-long celebration of the Ecology Month geared towards showing love and care for Mother Earth.

One of the activities prepared by the Science Area was the Eco Quiz: GREENade, a weekly quiz on ecology and environment. Every week, three questions were given to students over the PA system. The winners were announced and awarded during the weekly Morning Praise. A small potted plant was given to winners as their prize.

As part of the celebration, a film-viewing activity was also conducted by the Science teachers in their respective classes. This activity aimed to increase students’ awareness of the various enironmental issues that we are currently facing and encourage them to make efforts in taking care of the environment. Students were asked to make outputs based from their insights and learnings from the movie that they have seen.  

The highlight of the celebration was the “Trash Talk” exhibit which featured the works of the students made from trash. Each grade level created a different product out of recyclable materials. Grade 7 students created musical instruments out of common household materials. Grade 8 students made bags purses out of old magazines, newspapers and foil wrappers. Grade 9 students created recycled papers. Grade 10 students made pen holders out of plastic bottles. Year 4 students created different stuffs out of old blue jeans while the EE class made ecology-themed shirts. Outputs from the film-viewing activity were also featured such as the Earth Day greeting cards of Grade 8 students and the comic strip of Grade 9 students. The opening ceremony for the exhibit was conducted on September 24 in the Physics laboratory where the exhibit is located and was attended by Sr. Mary Rosalina Fajardo, Sr. Mary Frances Dizon, Mrs. Anita Antoni, the Science Area and some students. The exhibit was open for viewing for one week.    

As a culminating activity for the Ecology Month celebration, a tree planting activity will be held in the SSC Farm in Tanauan, Batangas on October 11. The participants for this activity will be administrators, teachers and some members of the different clubs and organizations in the high school. 

By: Ms. Marla Lomuntad
High School Faculty