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High School Academic Week 2014: Trade & Environment

October 21,2014

The Social Studies Area with the different integrating subjects (CLE and MAPEH) recognizes concerns related to preserving resources against consumerism; the irresponsible use of media affecting culture; and the endless territorial disputes due to exploitation of resources.  Moreover, in line with the schools mission and vision of honing stewards of change in reviving culture; revitalizing the community, and restoring mother earth, this year’s Academic Week focuses on the contribution of the Filipino laity in transforming and improving the environment.

Filipino values such as nationalism, responsibility, initiative to influence others to conserve resources, and discipline as good stewards become essential in creating leaders who are equipped with principles in sociology, anthropology, economics, and political science.

It is through this activity that students get a deeper sense of Filipino identity and nationalism upon promoting their responsibility to trade and the environment.  It aims also to evaluate the situations in the Philippines, Identify NGO’s that provide care for the environment, identify factors that contribute to the environmental degradation of the Philippines, and recognize courses of actions in addressing the problems associated with consumerism.  Furthermore, the said activity promoted acknowledgement on the interconnectedness of everything including oneself and nature as well as the application of their research skills, document analysis, and effective communication skills in construction of the assigned project to them.

The grade 7 classes created a visual representation of the ideals of a community / Barangay that compares the Pre-Spanish and Colonial Period- Spanish era to contemporary times.  They illustrated the Filipino culture and the value of stewardship and leadership in interacting with the environment through a pop-up board.

To give emphasis on the value of accountability, stewardship, and respect, the Grade 8 students constructed a pinwheel depicting the importance of preserving ancestral practices on trade applying a Korean Theme illustrating the beauty of nature.  On the other hand, the Grade 9 students created a mosaic showcasing the growth of trade after the era after the Crusades summarizing the movement of goods, people, and ideas.

Grade 10 and Year IV students manifested their research skills about different non-government organizations in the Philippines that promote environmental concerns, recognizing their influence in the society amidst industrialization.  Aside from this, their collaboration and commitment to achieve were just some of the highlighted values while doing the assigned tasks to them.

Indeed, the relationship of people and environment has come a long way.  Civilizations flourish because of the people exchanging ideas and trading goods.  Let’s do our part on becoming good stewards of the resources around us.  Let’s not forget humanity amidst industrialization and modernization.  After all we only have one earth to live in.

By: Ms. Paglinawan
HS Faculty