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GS Students’ Participation in the School’s Campaign and Reactions on the Kidnap of Nigerian School Girls

July 2,2014

On June 27, 2014, the Grade School students joined the global campaign for the freedom of the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Selected students participated in making the institution’s collaborative artwork composed of handprints, that said “Save. Educate. Empower. #bringbackourgirls.” Some Grade 6 sections also joined in the rally held outside the school to spread awareness on women’s rights. Here are some of the student’s reactions about the issue:

“Women have the right to be educated – every single one of us. We have to fight for the freedom of our sisters in Nigeria. When harassment occurs, it is too much. We have to make a move.” DENISE MULLER, 6-ST. ODILO

“We are just young girls, but we can make a difference. We have to be brave enough to fight for what we want. Do these extremists really think we are not human beings? We have a right to learn and live.  Without education, we cannot be independent. We have to continue praying and working for these girls. This battle has not yet ended.”  SHAINA LIM, 5-ST. EHRENTRUDIS

“Many of us thought the abduction was extremely unfair, and I agree. There are no good reasons why girls can’t be educated. I feel that the extremists from Boko Haram should realize that everyone deserves to be educated. I invite the students of SSC to use social media apps and websites to talk about their reactions. The people who like your posts can help convince the Boko Haram to release the girls.” KARUNA MANSUKHANI, 6-ST. ODILO

“I do not believe that education is sinful. Boko Haram was absolutely wrong to kidnap those girls just because they go to school. Why hurt them? If I were in that situation, I would also be scared. Boko Haram should set them free. Everybody deserves to study!” YSABELLA VELEZ, 5-ST. EHRENTRUDIS

“Women have a right to learn. Rallying against Boko Haram is the correct thing to do to support the girls who were kidnapped. I wish everybody would hear our cry against Boko Haram.” VIANNE FALLARME, 5-ST. EHRENTRUDIS

“I have never accepted inequality. We are a civilized world, but Boko Haram has sunk so low to kidnap and abuse women, when in fact, the very reason they exist is because of women! Here in SSC, we all openly showed our dismay by the assembly of students from Grade School to College outside the school campus. Each student here is angry because of the mistreatment of women’s rights, and human rights as well.” YUKI ABION, 6-ST. HUGH

“Education is one of the most important things people need. I think we need more voices to let the Boko Haram know our message. I believe that soon, they will bring back our girls.” ERIN LEGASPI, 5-ST. EHRENTRUDIS

By: Ms. Ruth Gadia
Grade School Faculty