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GS Faculty Geared Up for AY 2019-2020

September 2,2019

In preparation for the upcoming school year, the Grade School faculty attended various seminars and trainings last July.

Sr. Bernadette Asuncion, OSB of the Institutional Campus Ministry Office (ICMO) welcomed the teachers with the Institutional Benedictine Formation (IBF) Module 6 last July 15. Together with the college faculty, our grade school teachers reflected on Community as one of the Benedictine Hallmarks. IBF is an in-service training-seminar given to all SSC employees organized by the VPAA office.

A talk entitled “Mindfulness for Benedictine Educators” by Mrs. Victoria Dayao was held last July 17-18. The seminar was offered to all the teachers across units. Dr. Dayao discussed exercises which one can use to overcome stress and other emotional difficulties. Mrs. Dayao shared mindful activities like breathing methods, journaling, and mindful walking. This two-day seminar-workshop was held at the Sr. Kuniberta Hall.

On July 19, the Grade School faculty underwent a seminar-workshop entitled “Retooling Club Moderators’ Skills”. Their guest speaker was Mrs. Mary Grace Del Rosario.  It was held at the Schrader Hall and was sponsored by Phoenix Publishing House. It aimed to help moderators re-design their plans as they facilitate their clubs for the school year.

Moreover, a National Situationer was given by Teddy Casiño, a writer, journalist and former House Representative in the first institutional assembly. It was held last July 24 at Sr. Kuniberta Hall. The event was attended by all the employees. The program commenced with a prayer service prepared by ICMO followed by the sharing of Mr. Casiño.

To enhance the Grade School faculty leadership skills, a coaching and mentoring seminar was given to them last July 22. Ms. Gloria Luna-Cruz shared insights with our teachers through her talk entitled “ Coaching and Mentoring and the 3R’s of Effective Supervision on the K-12 Curriculum”.

Lastly, In celebration of the Year of the Youth, the Grade School faculty, together with the OP/PS and GSP, gathered last July 29 to listen to Prof. Leslie Ann Rosal as she shares ideas on the topic, “Millennials and Gen Z: Understanding the Youth of Today”. Prof. Rosal shared about “synodality” as defined by the Final Document of the Synod on Youth. She emphasized that millennials are outspoken, dynamic and multi-taskers. Prof. Rosal also said that like everyone else they need understanding as they continually seek for identity and purpose in life.

by Mr. Clyde Ericson H Nolasco