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GS Class Leaders Inducted

August 22,2014

“And the winners are…” announced the class advisers during the elections last July 31, 2014. Grades 3-6 had their automated elections in the Computer Lab, while Kinder-Grade 2 had manual elections. All Scholasticans were nervous for the results given later that same day. For the upper grades, the class advisers read the computed results, while the lower grades tallied the votes from the ballot boxes.

Erin Legaspi, a student from 5-St. Ehrentrudis, tells the importance of elections. “Elections in school train us to vote for the right leaders in the future.”

Regina Custodio, a candidate for President for 5-St. Ehrentrudis, cried tears of joy when she won. It was her third time to win for the same position, and she promised her class that she would do her best to lead them with the help of the other officers.

Vianne Fallarme, who lost as President of 5-St. Ehrentrudis, felt sad with the result. She said she had worked hard during the campaign and put a lot of effort into it, but she said that she was still happy for the winners.

The class officers had taken their oaths last August 1, 2014, during the celebration of First Friday Mass. After the elections, Scholasticans have to watch if their leaders are doing their jobs well, and they should also do their jobs as followers.

By: Holly Grace Rosales
Grade 5 – St. Ehrentrudis