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GS and HS celebrate Book Week

December 17,2014

With the theme: “Explore the World as One through Reading”, the Grade School community held its annual Book Week Celebration last November 17-21, 2014. Tying up with the High School Unit for the first time, the event aimed to develop the literacy skills of the students and to build a stronger community of readers.

The celebration commenced with a skit entitled Night at the Library where characters from the students’ favorite books, both classic and contemporary, came to life as they jumped out of the giant book, Mr. Willy. Among the book characters who amused the audience were from the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; the timeless children’s books Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Hen, and The Wizard of Oz; the English classics King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and A Christmas Carol; the Shakespearean plays Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream; the magical Greek Mythology and Philippine Mythology; and modern works like The River-Merchant’s Wife and the popular Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. The audience cheered with joy and laughter to see these works come alive.

Following this was a chain of weeklong activities and competitions that successfully ignited the love for reading among the students.

For the primary level, the Kinder had the Pajama Party with the participation of selected parents as storytellers and the Nursery Rhymes Presentation. Grade 1 students had Fairy Tale Trivia and Fairy Trail. Grade 2 students had Storytelling with Mom and Dad and Reader’s Theater, while Grade 3 had their Film Viewing: Wizard of Oz, Wizard’s Hat (Quiz Bee), Parade of Characters and Journey to the Land of Oz.

For the intermediate level, the Grade 4 students had the Greek Trivia Contest, Film Viewing: Greek Myth Slides and the Storyteller: Greek Mythology, Greek Fashion Show and the Amazing Greek Race. Grade 5 had their Reading Camp in preparation for the Battle of the Books. Grade 6, had a Talk with former Grade School Principal Mrs. Florina Castillo about the language of Shakespeare, as preparation for their grand play production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

It was indeed a week full of learning and enjoyment which the Grade School and High School Units ended with an hour of Uninterrupted, Sustained Silent Reading (USSR).

By: Mary Joan Arceo
ELA and Reading Teacher