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Graders Register for Class Elections

August 11,2014

Students could not wait to get their Voter’s IDs last July 22, 2014. For the Grades 1-3 students, the manual registration was held in the Sr. Gratia Hall while the Grades 4-6 had their automated registration at the Computer Lab.

The COMELEC, also composed of students, managed to get all the graders to register. Students had to sign the master list of voters, then fill out their Voter’s Registration Record, get their thumbprints on their IDs, and then they were done! Everyone was happy to be done with that step in the Electoral Process, which meant that they could now vote for the rightful leaders of the community.

Long ago, Filipinas were not allowed to vote. But the women who wanted to vote gathered up to 400,000 signatures, and the government decided to make a change. Thanks to these women, we can now vote. We all have the ability to vote for leaders. But do not forget to register first!

By: Christine Cifra
Grade 5 St. Ansgar