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Grade School Officers hold Leadership Training

October 15,2015

The Grade School’s Supreme Pupil Government, formerly known as the Munting Barangay, had their Leadership Training at Schrader Hall last September 26, 2015 with their moderator, Mr. Michael Suyom. Here are some of the participants’ insights from the training:

“Mr. Suyom talked about the Togetherness, Analyser, and Motivator Styles of Leadership. Togetherness makes you want to work with your followers on something you all want to accomplish. Analyser is carefully doing things step by step, thinking about the effects of your actions on others. Motivator is being optimistic and encouraging others with their tasks. I will keep these things in mind and remember that as a leader, what I do is more important than what I say.” REGINA CUSTODIO, 6-ST. HUGH

“The leadership training taught us how to be independent and disciplined leaders. I learned different things like leadership styles, leaders’ traits, communication processes. Most important, I learned that we should understand our classmates. The leadership training gave us the knowledge of what we are supposed to be – role models of the class.”  ALYSSA DAVID, 6-ST. ODILO

“Here are some of the qualities of a true leader: honest, caring, organized, passionate, and trustworthy. Thanks to the leadership training, I am working on improving these qualities.” RICE ALBUERO, 6-ST. ODILO

“We all came out of the training inspired and filled with tips and lessons that were useful to us as leaders. I could use what I learned to lead others in a positive way.” DENISE ALCOREZA, 6-ST. GREGORY