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Grade School Intramurals 2014

January 21,2015

The Grade School community held its annual Intramurals last October 21 and 22 with the theme, “Scions Rise, Fly, and Soar: Strengthening Ora et Labora through Sports.” Students from Grades 3 to 6 eagerly competed in the various sports events: soccer-kickball, volleyball, basketball shooting, chess, badminton, and speed stacks. The younger Scholasticans from Kinder to Grade 2 also enjoyed playing ball games and relays.

The players from different grade levels paraded in the field carrying their team banners during the Opening Ceremonies. Ms. Michelle Cobb, a multi-awarded Scions volleyball player, gave the inspirational talk and lit the torch along with the Grade School varsity athletes, marking the beginning of the games. Eliminations and finals followed, as well as the much-anticipated Grade 6 Cheer Dance contest. The Grade 6 sections amazed the crowd with their creative routines.

Apart from the event winners, exceptional students were also recognized as Most Valuable Players. The students gave their all in the sports events, playing fairly and to the best of their ability, praising God in the celebration of athletic skill.

By: Ms. Ruth Gadia
Grade School Faculty