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Grade 9 students reach out to poverty-stricken families in Pandacan

January 6,2020

The Grade 9 students visited the developing urban community of Pandacan last October 15 and 16, 2019 from 7:30 am to 12 pm, as part of St. Scholastica’s College Manila’s advocacy to promote awareness through understanding the true living conditions of the marginalized sectors of society.

Each class was separated into groups and assigned one host family each. The students were tasked to interview their host family and were expected to complete some of the chores in order to get a glimpse of the daily life and hardships the family goes through. 

The Scholasticans noticed the resilience of the community despite facing adversity. They were surprised by the people’s capability to radiate optimism and resourcefulness. The value of education was another topic often brought up by the members of Pandacan.

The exposure trip showed the students how far ingenuity and grit can bring a person who is weathering through unfair circumstances. The activity gave them hope and proved that even in the most desolate of places, one can still encounter genuine smiles.

By Bianca Gaudiel