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Grade 7 Students Call for Peace on Santissima Trinidad

January 6,2020

In line with the school’s advocacy for peace and social justice, the Grade 7 students had their exposure trip to Santissima Trinidad, a developing community near SSC Manila, last September 18 and 24 where they had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the life and current conditions of the community.

The students were given ample time to interact with their “nanays” or parent volunteers from the community beforehand. As they toured the community, they were tasked to observe their surroundings. Their teachers helped them reflect upon these observations after the event.

The exposure trip stemmed from the need to promote peace as an expression of love and positive change. As part of the school’s Religion Extension Program (REP), the exposure trip served as a vehicle for the youth to observe, interact, and involve themselves in the different social realities of life.

By Ramona Liz Motos and Reese Vergara