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Grade 5 Restages Ora et Labora

January 6,2020

For years, Ora et Labora play production continues to evolve as the SSC Children and Teachers’ Theater of the Grade School Unit tried to reinvent the classic play to suit its young audience.

Last November 14 – 15, 2019, another excellent interpretation of the lives of Benedict and Scholastica was delivered by Grade 5 students at Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall.  This restaging of the play marked the students’ debut as performers. 

The speech choir commenced the presentation by reciting the original text of Ora et Labora. The lawlessness of the Barbarians, the triumph of the monks, the flame dance, the people of Rome, and the harvest dance and the video presentation of the Benedictine saints conveyed the growth of monasticism around the world. It ended with the symbolic passing of the torch from the saints to the youngest members of the community (preschoolers), which emphasized that every Scholastican is a living flame of St. Benedict.

The play was directed by Mr. Eduardo Baylon, Drama and Theater in Education Coordinator together with Ms. Joan Arceo, Ms. Irma Kim Pal-laya, Mrs. Patricia Santiago, Mr. Clyde Nolasco, Ms. Leslie Marquez, and Mrs. Malyn Rances.

Ms. Margaux Salcedo, an alumna, sang “To Thee I Love” as a guest performer during the gala show.

By Ms. Irma Kym M. Pal-laya