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Grade 3’s Talk on Banking

January 4,2020

As part of the Grade 3 curriculum, students are expected to apply their understanding of counting, reading, writing numbers including money to perform addition and subtraction in solving real-world problems. With this objective, SSC-GS integrates financial literacy in math lessons so that they become financially responsible adults. The school believes that it is important for children to gain knowledge about financial literacy as they start to experience spending, sharing and saving responsibly since most of them are given freedom by their parents to manage a small amount of money as their daily allowance. 

As such, last October 18, 2019, the Grade 3 students had their talk on Banking and Financial Literacy with PNB staff headed by Mrs. Shiela Sy. The students were first presented with the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant which illustrated the importance of saving food for rainy days. Some Banking terms and operations were also discussed with them. The students were made aware of why it is important for them to save money even at a young age.

After the talk, the students were invited to open an account in the SSC-GS Bank (Grade School Bank) where they can make a deposit as low as Php20 once a week and to the PNB where they can have their first commercial bank account.

This initiative is a way of preparing the graders to think about their future as they become wise stewards of God’s creation which include money and other resources.

 by Maria Rosario L. Prado, Grade 3 Head Teacher