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Grade 2 attends Math Camp 2019

October 3,2019

On September 21, 2019, Saturday, the math teachers of the grade school unit of St. Scholastica’s College Manila, headed by Mrs. Antonina Cruz, Math Coordinator, conducted the 3rd Math Camp for their pupils and parents. This activity aims to strengthen the home-school collaboration and bridge the gap between how Math is being taught now through the Singapore method versus how it was taught before through the traditional method.

The Grade 2 students together with their parents attended a short orientation-seminar on Singapore Math at St. Ehrentrudis Hall and then proceeded to different workshop stations prepared by the Math teachers. In these stations, they learned about Number Sense, Practical Math, and Problem Solving. Parents worked together with their daughters in different activities and at the same time learned about the different tools and approaches done which they can use at home. Eureka club members were also present to assist and help in the different stations.

Parents were in awe with the different methods math is being taught now, even sharing experiences from their time as students. The activity gained positive feedback from the parent-participants. 

written by Patrick Christian C. Chua