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Gr. 9 “Blast from the Past” evokes historical music periods, tales from Homer

June 19,2020

Grade 9-Harmony’s presentation on the Renaissance Period with matching instrumentals and singing.

Grade 9-Harmony’s presentation on the Renaissance Period with matching instrumentals and singing.

Grade 9 students performed their composed song based on ancient Greek literature in different musical periods at “Blast from the Past,” an annual competition that celebrated the union of music and arts with history and culture, last December 18, 2019. 

The competition required each section to compose a song about the Iliad or Odyssey, two of Homer’s most influential epic poems. Additionally, the song should showcase the style of the selected musical period of each class: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic era. Classes that mirrored the theme best would bag the awards for the best musical composition or best presentation of a period.

Other important prerequisites that would help show appreciation for the respective musical periods were programme notes, instrumentalists, props, backdrops, and costumes. These will gain corresponding awards.

The performances were presented depending on the chronological time frame of the musical periods. 9-Community with their composition entitled “Teneris Ad Bellum” was set in the Medieval period, 9-Harmony’s “Navigating an Arduous Love” in the Renaissance,  9-Openness’ “Horrendous Triumph” in the Baroque, 9-Loyalty’s “Oxi Kymata” in the Classical time, and lastly, 9-Service’s ”Hour Glass of Fate” in the Romantic period. 

The winners of the competition were announced last Jan. 20 during the weekly morning praise. The winners for the competition were: 9-Community for Best Musical Composition, Best Presentation of a Period, Best Lyrics and Best Poster, 9-Love for Best Recorder, and Best Props and 9-Silence for Best Programme Notes award. 

According to Leisha Gamos, a student from 9-Community, “It was nerve-wracking, to say the least. (Both the performance and the announcement of winners) The class was very eager to give their all for the performance, just like the other sections. Knowing the process we all went through, it was a relief that we delivered the performance, such that we were able to convey a part of the message of The Iliad. I hope that we can use what we learned in the process in our upcoming performances. In addition to that, I hope we remember the content of our presentations and know the reason why we gave importance to both The Iliad and The Odyssey.”

By Francesca Co