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Good Samaritan Education Team-Australia visits SSC-Manila

November 9,2015

In keeping abreast with today’s age of empowerment and globally interconnected world, St. Scholastica’s College, Manila High School Unit strives to increase its international collaboration and linkages with other Benedictine schools abroad through interaction and exchange of educational information, trends, ideas, programs and services.

On Monday, September 28, 2015, fourteen (14) Grade 11 learners accompanied by four (4) mentors of Good Samaritan Education Team from five (5) different Benedictine schools in Australia visited SSC.  The group was welcomed by the students and teachers at the reception area. The whole day visit began with the viewing of the exhibit of the Social Studies area on the Indigenous People of Mindanao at the Amrhein Gallery followed by a school tour to various facilities. Then they listened to the sharing on SSC’s Senior High School and Leadership Academy and co-curricular and outreach programs of the Unit.  After the noon health break at St. John’s Dining area, the Junior High School Student Council Officers and the Australian guests had a lively discussion on youth leadership issues, learning opportunities, practices, projects and activities in their respective schools. Simultaneously, the SSC administrators and mentors had their own interaction and exchange of information about faculty educational trends, growth and development locally and abroad, among others.

As a fitting farewell to the group, Bianca Agoncillo of Grade 9 batch representative rendered a song number followed by a duet with Joseph Gaboy, a Filipino-Australian fellow from Sydney. To save the memory of the newly formed friendship and camaraderie, a photo shoot crowned the brief but fruitful visit.

 By. Sr. M. Rosalina R. Fajardo, OSB, Junior High School Principal