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Getting to know the Bangsamoro

December 9,2015

Last October 21, the Junior High School (JHS) students of the institution watched a documentary film about the Bangsamoro, the indigenous people from Mindanao. The documentary film, the title of which is taken from its very subject, aims for students to learn the roots of the conflict in Mindanao, to respect the indigenous people and to consider sovereignty as a way of peace. Moreover, the production hopes to raise the awareness of the Scholastican community and make them realize that they, too, can contribute to the attainment of peace in the country.

The above mentioned event was attended by the director of the film and representative from the Office of the President for Peace. After the viewing, they held a small panel discussion and addressed some of the questions from the student body. They also clarified the present situation of the Framework Agreement between the indigenous people, the representative from the Muslim community and the government.

The purpose of the screening was to present to the students the director’s and the Muslims’ point of view so that the audience may imbibe the values of respect for other cultures, realize the value of the indigenous people and strengthen their dignity as Filipinos.

By Mr. Marlon De Leon, Faculty