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Generous heart, Grateful spirit

May 11,2015

On April 10, 2015, we were honored by the visit of Mr. Pawell Usarek, no less than the President of FM Group Fragrance Incorporated which operated in the Philippines for seven years. Upon cessation of their business here in our country, they opted to donate the perfumes to St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, in lieu of our fund-raising efforts to finance the on-going outreach program for the resettlement project of adopted families affected by the typhoon Yolanda (with international name, Haiyan) in 2013.

Several boxes of perfume were picked up from their office in Makati and stored in the stock room of our Institutional Action Center under the leadership of Sr. Celine Saplala, OSB. A few days after, the members of the Scholastican community helped in selling the products within and outside the school campus so that cash may be generated from these donations. To date, most of the bottled perfumes have been distributed on consignment basis and cash remittances are expected to be turned in by June 30, 2015. Left in the bodega, are the vials which will be put up for sale to students when classes begin in June. All arrangements on the allocations of these products are coursed through the faculty outreach coordinator, Dr. Rebecca Cacho.

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Arthur Trawinski, President of FM Group World, Mr. Pawel Usarek and the FM Group Fragrance Incorporated for their generosity. This donation will immensely assist us in the resettlement project for the victims of Haiyan which is called “Sambayanan ni San Benito” (Community of St. Benedict). We bless this company for their altruistic hearts. Such philanthropic gestures reassured us that our outreach endeavors to uplift the quality of life of our disinherited brothers and sisters will thrive.

By: Dr. Rebecca Cacho
Senior High School Principal