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Former Iriga Mayor Ignites Spirit of Leadership

August 11,2014

Cheers erupted at the Sr. Kuniberta Hall after the dancers from Iriga, Camarines Sur performed their opening number during the Talk on Leadership last July 14, 2014. The talk was part of the Grade School’s Electoral Process Module, and the speaker, Former Iriga Mayor Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen encouraged the Scholasticans to elect the right leaders for their classes, and even to BE the right leaders.

She prepared a slideshow and a few video clips to explain her vision of leadership. Mayor Madelaine told the students that she had there were a few who did not believe in her right to leadership at the beginning of her term, but later on, they realized that she really wanted the best for her city. She helped her people through disasters like landslides and floods. She supported Iriga products like smokeless charcoal made from corn. She was the founder of the dance group she had brought with her, because she believed in the potential of the Iriga youth. She believed that her people could do more than what they thought they could.

Mayor Madelaine is known among Iriguenos for her kind-hearted nature and dynamic personality. She has gained various awards for good governance yet she still remains humble. She showed that she was not just a leader, but a follower and supporter to her constituents. Bicolanos are known for their love of spicy food – and Mayor Madelaine was an inspiring example of a leader with a little bit of spice, and everything nice.

By: Denise Muller Grade 6 St. Odo 
& Ashira Rara Grade 6 St. Berno