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“Finding the Filipino in his Art”: An Art Lecture Presented to the Fine Arts Department

March 13,2015

“ART is any form of expression indicative of the culture of its maker. ART is the LANGUAGE, CULTURE is the MESSAGE”  Edison Molanida,  World Heritage Sites Manager, NCCA.

The Asian Art History and Art Appreciation Classes 2nd semester SY 2014-2015 under Prof. Mimi Santos, Dept. of Fine Arts, College of Arts and Sciences ended with a culminating lecture “ Finding the Filipino in his Art” with guest lecturer Mr. Edison Molanida, the World Heritage Sites Manager from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. The lecture was held at the Building M304, Sr. Odilliana Hall , 2-4 PM, 11 March 2015. The topic discussed issues of culture, art and being a distinct “Filipino” , what makes a nation through our food culture, and the Filipinos’ penchant for intricate, whether dresses, accessories, weaponries, transportation, houses, churches and other adornments of the everyday life that is equivalent to “art”. The lecture closed with the encouragement to our youth that we should celebrate being a Filipino by supporting our artists, from indigenous to city based, by tracing and recognizing our roots- and only then we can preserve and protect our National Cultural Heritage.

By:  Prof. Mimi Santos
Department of Fine Arts and Design