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Education Congress 2015

January 26,2015

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in our Education Congress on January 28-30, 2015.   This year’s theme is “Learning Today… Educating Minds Tomorrow…”

The vision of Education Society (EdSoc) is to be an instrument in building the nation’s future and we uphold this ideal by effecting change through dedicated and altruistic service and competent leadership.

The activities set for the congress include seminars (classroom management and BrainFit), storytelling in cooperation with our linkages, and the highlighted event – the SpEd Olympics.

Classroom management is one of the most basic but challenging skills necessary for future educators and this is a good avenue to increase the learning of our students from seasoned educators.  Speakers are from the preschool, grade school and special education department from SSC and Makati SPED Center. They certainly have the expertise to discuss principles, practices and strategies in classroom management.  This will be held on Jan. 28, 9-11:30am at Function Hall A.

BrainFit program is a relatively new trend that has been available in the Philippines the last few years.  This program originated in Singapore and it is with great pride that we will have a speaker who will explore and discuss a new program that potentially maximizes the brain’s capabilities.  This program is ideal for early childhood and students who are at-risk.  This is set on Jan. 29, 9-11:30am at Function Hall A.

For storytelling, our linkages are Clayton Learning Center and the Education Society of Assumption College Makati.  They will be showcasing their talents in delivering stories in an alternative, interactive manner.  It is scheduled from 1:30-2:00pm; Clayton is on the 28th at Barrion Hall and Assumption is on the 29th at the Social Hall.   

The goals of the SpEd Olympics are to provide sport opportunities to children with special needs regardless of their skills and change perception and attitude toward children with disabilities. While some students strive to be the overall champion, others enjoy the chance to get active and have fun.  Whatever their motivation, we cater for them by providing meaningful games delivered within a supportive environment where students with disabilities are accepted and can feel proud.  Participating schools are Makati SPED Center, Ortho-Pedagogical Institute and St. Andrew School.  85 students with disabilities are expected to participate and venue is at the SSC Field. 

We will also feature the artworks and paintings of some of the students with special needs.  They will be showcased to let everyone see they, too, have talent.  They will be displayed along the hallway of the St. Cecilia’s Bldg.  For those interested, their paintings are for sale.

To make our congress even more festive and fun, we have invited organizations and social enterprises to take part in our event.  Products to be sold are items made by these students (e.g. key chains, tissue holders, vases), school supplies, etc.  Venue will be at the President’s hallway and Sr. Lieou Sy.

The Education Department opens its doors for those who are interested in any of our activities.  See you there!!

By: Education Society (EDSOC)