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Eco-warriors take the first step in saving the world

December 9,2015


In the light of the 2015 Ecology Month, students of the Junior High School (JHS) Unit were treated to an informative talk about the appreciation and conservation of the natural ecosystems of the Earth. The speaker for the event was former SSC Grade 7 Science teacher, Mrs. Anita S. Antoni. The talk was held in the Kuniberta Hall and was centered on the slogan of the celebration “Ecowarriors, It’s Your Time to Lead”. Throughout the lecture, students were introduced to the current environmental problems of the Philippines such as illegal logging, coral bleaching, loss of biodiversity, and overall lack of respect for the wild life of the country.

With concern for the environment emphasized through graphic pictures and accounts of environmentally significant events, the talk later dabbled on the responsibilities of the students as stewards of our planet. The concluding lesson for the talk was the handing over of the duty of caring for and preserving our earth to the new generation.

By Mr. Johan Daryll L. Castro, Faculty