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Dulaang Iskolastikan performs own adaptation of “Ang Paglilitis ni Serapio”

June 19,2020

Dulaang Iskolastikan staged its own adaptation of Paul Dumol’s 1968 masterpiece, “Ang Paglilitis ni Serapio,” a play that exposed the flaws of the Philippines’ judicial system, at the Little Theater, last January 17 and February 13, 2020.

Directed by Angel Blones of Grade 9 and Camille Gonzales of Grade 10, the adaptation revolved around the trials faced by Serapio as a sex slave. 

The play was starred by Khiara Montesa of Grade 11 as the titular character, Serapio, Julia Ignacio of Grade 9 as the judge, and Yshelle Fernandez of Grade 11 and Margarita Escober of Grade 9 as the interrogators.

Similar to Dumol’s play, the adaptation was set in court as Serapio was being sued for cherishing and loving a child since it may decrease the monetary contributions on sex slaves’ federation. The relentless persecution eventually blinded Serapio.

Throughout the play, the relevance of its theme and the gravity of its message was never out of sight. “We wanted to create something monstrous yet creative and rooted in reality,” Gonzales said.

Aside from the pressure of celebrating a classic Filipino play, Blones also struggled with managing the production especially since it was her first time directing a play. 

“We had a large cast – 22 actors in total,” Blones explained. “We had a low budget and were given only a short amount of time to perfect the play. It was definitely a challenge.” 

In spite of these setbacks, Blones and Gonzales were determined to finish the play. “Our production is our way to spread awareness and help others,” said Blones. 

“The play shows how art conveys reality and how reality conveys humanity,” Gonzales said. “We reflected this in the maturity of the main plot, that is, the subject of prostitution.”

 By Janella Burgos and Chloe Castro