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Curriculum Review Board (CRB) Approves More Specialization Tracks for BSBA Program

February 27,2015

RManalacHoping to address the challenges of environment dynamics posed by 1) the emergent “big data industry”, “sunshine industry”,  practical franchising; and 2) the need to enhance and align the post K-12 year level business program, the School of Business proposed three (3) specialization tracks  to be offered to its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program.  Dean Ramon R. Mañalac presented the proposal to the Curriculum Review Board (CRB) which is Chaired by VPAA Virginia R. Fornias last 16 February.

The specialization tracks are 1) Business Analytics – which is essentially about providing better insights, particularly from extensive use of operational data stored in transactional systems, statistical and quantitative analyses, explanatory and predictive modeling, facts-based management to drive decision making for optimal results (from IBM); 2) Service Management for Business Process Outsourcing – which uses an integrated approach and takes into consideration the interrelationships among the functional areas of business, to recognize interdependencies of business processes across organizational boundaries, thereby understanding the techniques for using business practices and methods to create and improve business processes.  Business process outsourcing is introduced as a natural evolution of business process management and; 3) Franchising – which simplifies entrepreneurial venture to practical franchisee-franchisor relationship. 

The tracks are options for a BSBA student to specialize in, in addition to her major program.  Currently, a BSBA student has only the Corporate Communication minor course available to her.  The new specialization tracks would now make available a total of four (4) specialization options to choose from.

In approving the proposed specialization tracks, the CRB even recommended that the tracks be offered and made accessible also to non-business programs.  This would give opportunity to more students to expand their career aspirations.

With the CRB approval, the proposed specialization tracks will then be endorsed to the CHED by the OIffice of the Vice-President for Academics for immediate implementation.

By: Mr. Ramon Mañalac
Dean, School of Business