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Culinary Students in SHS and College Learn Bartending

January 4,2020

Senior high school (SHS) culinary students join the School of Hotel, Leisure and Restaurant Management (SHLRM) students as they learn about bartending in a seminar-workshop entitled “Bacardi University Cocktail Training Program” held at the food and beverage simulation room last October 3.

As with the previous year, the event was organized by the SHLRM students. 

Barcadi’s Trade Ambassador Niño Jayson Cruz led the demonstration of making different beverages, teaching the students the tools and tricks. Students followed and noted each step, then attempted to mimic it while they sat. Participants from both college and SHS volunteered to recreate the drink whenever the chance was given. The drinks were then passed on to each table to allow each person a little taste of the flavored cocktails. 

Different products from Bacardi and Monin were handed out for students to use and experiment with. According to the SHS students, they hoped to learn the basic skills of bartending and familiarize themselves with different drinks. 

To conclude the event, the students were tasked to concoct a drink in their flare of flavors. The students attempted to brew a tasty cocktail with the techniques they have learned. They each tried to make it distinct — from sweet cocktails to strong beverages, experimenting with a tang of sweetness, bitterness, and sourness in each ingredient. Despite the limited time, the students said they were happy as they ended their orientation.

by Joanna Mae Patron, 11-Honor