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Congratulations Anayah Marie Castillo, overall winner in the prose category in the recently held Try Prayer! It Works! Contest 2023

April 24,2023


Join us in congratulating Anayah Marie Castillo, a Grade 6 student who emerged as the overall winner of the PROSE CATEGORY Elementary Level of Try Prayer! It Works! Contest 2023.

The contest, which had the theme “Open Wide the Doors of Your Home to Christ,” was organized by the Family Rosary Crusade Philippines, a Catholic group that advocates for devotion to the Holy Rosary among Filipino Catholic families. Anayah’s remarkable achievement is a testament to her exceptional writing skills and dedication.

We are proud of Anayah’s achievement, and we believe that it is a testament to the quality and holistic education we commit to providing at St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Congratulations again, Anayah, for your success!


Anayah Marie Castillo

“When you open your heart to Jesus, you’re opening your heart to the greatest love in the universe” by Ron Hutchcraft

Jesus’ love is infinite and unconditional. He gave me and my family many blessings. Speaking of blessings, I would personally call my life a blessing because my parents were praying for a child for almost 5 years. So my mom prayed for Mama Mary’s intercession. She also promised that if the baby was a girl, she would name it after her. She explained to me why my name is “Anayah.” This means “answered prayer.” My second name “Marie” means Mary or Mama Mary.

I found this short story interesting, and truly showed that nothing is impossible with Christ. All my life led me closer to Jesus. When almost everyone in my family was positive of Covid. I prayed to Jesus with all my heart. I prayed for healing. Gratefully, after a few days, we soon recovered, and I thanked Him.

To be honest, I always open my heart to Christ. I look up to Him and pray to Him every day. I may not see him physically but I feel He is with me. Overall, I learned that opening your heart to Jesus, nothing will be impossible. How about you, have you opened your heart to Christ?