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CommSoc Commemorates Martial Law at 42 Years

October 9,2014

The Communication Society, the academic organization of the Mass Communication Department hosted the Never Forget: Martial Law @ 42 Commemoration Ceremony, in remembrance of the victims and survivors of the human rights atrocities during Martial Law, declared on September 21 1972 by former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Atty. Charlton Jules Romero formally welcomed the ceremony with the opening remarks, reiterating the importance of the youth to be socially active in upholding democracy, with the youth of Martial Law as a prime example.

Jigs Clamor, the National Coordinator of the Samahan ng mga Ex Detainees Laban sa Aresto (SELDA) spoke to the Scholastican youth on the significance of looking back at Martial Law, particularly how this declaration led Marcos administration to violate the human rights of many Filipinos. Clamor also spoke of the reoccurring victimization that Martial Law survivors are going through by going through the excruciating process to prove their authenticity as victims of Martial Law, in order to be given compensation as well as be recognized as Martial Law victims.

Felix Dalisay, a sixty two year old Martial Law survivor who was a student activist at the time shared his story from his passionate visions towards the nation until when he was illegally detained and underwent torture by the Philippine Constabulary (PC). He also encouraged youth involvement and empowerment in order to combat the issues that the nation is currently facing such as corruption.

The ceremony also tackled the issue of the ongoing victimization of Martial Law survivors under the implementation of Republic Act 10368 also known as the Human Rights Violations Victims Recognition and Reparation Act of 2013 through a 14 minute documentary directed and written by Mass Communication students Rina Bernardo, Maribelle Biscocho-Omar, Leonise Tanaquin and Margarita Yuzon, under the mentorship of Atty. Charlton Jules P.  Romero.

According to Maribelle Omar, the president of Communication Society, the Filipino youth should be aware and knowledgeable of Martial Law, especially the human rights atrocities that occurred during that time.

“While we [the Filipino youth] may have not been born during the midst of Martial Law, we should be well versed with the human rights violations that were struck upon our fellow brothers and sisters. We owe it to them, for the struggles they underwent in order to win back our democracy as a nation. As future leaders of this nation, we should not let anything like Martial Law happen again, stop the reoccurrence of victimization among our Martial Law survivors, and continue to educate the Filipino people on human rights.” 

By: SSC Communication Society