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College Unit: Getting ready for RGEC

August 28,2015

As per CMO 20, s. 2013 the new general education curriculum highlights holistic understanding as well as intellectual and civic competencies. This new GE curriculum is also referred to as the Revised General Education Curriculum or RGEC. It is expected to be implemented in school year 2018 – 2019 when the first graduates of K to 12 Basic Education program will be enrolled in tertiary education.

As an institution of higher learning, SSC is also preparing for 2018 and one of the activities that started the school year for the College Unit was the seminar-workshop on the Revised General Education Curriculum held on June 29 to July 1, 2015 at the Sr. Caridad Barrion Hall.

It started with updates on CMO 20, s. 2013 by Dr. Filomeno Aguilar, Chair of the Technical Panel on the Revised General Education Curriculum and was followed by the “Paghihimay ng mga Probisyon ng CMO, 20, s. 2013” and the SSC and College Unit’s MVO by Dean Charlie Azcuna, Review of OBE and Learning Outcomes by Dr. Richard Pulmones, and the Elective Subjects by Dean Ester Ledesma. After all the input, brainstorming and discussion on the proposed Elective subjects for SSC Manila were done and teams were formed to work on each of the proposed Elective subjects.

As a way of thanksgiving for the active participation and valuable contribution of each of the college faculty and administrators, the workshop ended with a “boodle fight”. 

by Prof. Virginia Fornias, Office of the Vice-President for Academi c Affairs