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“Challenging Childhoods… Raising Resilient Kids,” An Institutional Parenting Seminar

November 10,2013

IPSeminar01_smallIn the excellent tradition of home and school partnership in St. Scholastica’s College, the Institutional Guidance collaborated with Parents’ Associations of the three units of grade school, high school and college for this year’s Institutional Parenting Seminar, entitled “Challenging Childhoods… Raising Resilient Kids”. This was held last Saturday, September 14, 2013 at the Sr. Kuniberta Hall of the St. Ottilien Building. It was participated by more than 400 parents and guardians of the Scholasticans from grade school, high school and college units.

The resource person/speaker, an expert on the subject matter, Ms. Feny De Los Angeles – Bautista successfully engaged the participants in a timely discussion on the challenges in raising children today.

She started with the challenges on the serious effects of poverty, malnutrition and under nutrition, violence against children, and climate change as painful realities surrounding children and families.

Ms. Bautista then discussed deeper parental concerns around the following critical and pressing issues: poverty versus affluence; inequality versus equity; apathy versus principled commitment; despair versus hope; intolerance versus compassion; and anger vs. peace-building.

Finally, to raise resilient kids, she said, “we need to develop in our children essential life skills.”

Ms. Bautista shared on the seven (7) essential life skills from Ellen Gallinsky’s Mind in the Making: Focus and Self-Control, Making Connections, Communicating, Perspective Taking, Critical Thinking, Taking on Challenges, and Self-Directed Engaged Learning.

Everyone was very attentive and fully engaged throughout the two-hour session. A brief Q&A during the open forum was not enough to accommodate parents’ concerns.

This institutional parenting seminar is now on its 4th year of successful conduct. Previous topics covered discussions on “The Greatest Gift to Your Greatest Love,” by Mr. Ernest Tan in 2010; “The Ten Hallmarks of Benedictine Education,” by Sister Isabel Orito, OSB & Sister Christine Pinto, OSB in 2011 and “Media: The New Parent in the House,” by Mr. Bernard Canaberal in 2012.