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BVP Get Together 2018

May 3,2018

Last January 27, 2018 the College Outreach Center-Benedictine Volunteer Program (BVP) celebrated an event with the theme, “BVP Gathering: Strengthening Benedictine Volunteer Program through Renewing Volunteerism Spirit” held at Sr. Caridad Barrion Hall. It was a gathering of BVP former students, now young professionals, and college students who came together with the same passion for being a part of the Benedictine Volunteer Program. A total of 14 Alumnae, 2 Faculty, 16 College students, 2 Benedictine sisters and 5 staff attended the gathering. The aim of this event was to revitalize and strengthen the volunteer’s commitment to serve our less privileged brothers and sisters.

The Benedictine Volunteer Program is an outreach-oriented and support-centered program established in 1996 in keeping with the school’s thrust of social concern and involvement to provide volunteer assistance to various institutions and community-based organizations.

As of today, the program still stands with its objective to match and bridge technical expertise with need through volunteerism. Individuals and groups share their talents, skills and other resources with the different institutions and communities in need of these particular expertises. In the process, there is transference, improvement, sustained development, and transformation in both the volunteers who rendered service and the institutions and communities that availed of these services.

Indeed, the program was blessed and graced by the presence of our President, Sr. Mary Frances Dizon, OSB who gave her Inspirational Message to the guests; and our Vice President for External Affairs Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB who conceptualized and initiated the Volunteer program in SSC Manila.

To be more motivated and be action movers, the program invited the Benedictine Volunteers who took part in sharing a year or two to three years of their lives in serving our Associate Benedictine Schools nationwide and abroad. They are Ms. Lolita Vargas, former Grade School faculty who served an International Mission in Athens, Greece and Africa from 1997-2002. Another invited speaker was Ms. Monette Rafols, a former Guidance Counselor who served a local mission in St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Lapu-Lapu City for one school year, 2001-2002. Both of them gave their testimonial to the group and shared their humble learning experiences to our young and spirited Benedictine volunteers.  It is hoped that through their wonderful sharing, the invited alumnae and students would be inspired and would soon take the challenge to serve whether in a local or international mission.

The success of the event can be attributed to the testimonies and the sharing of meaningful experiences to each and everyone who came together for the same reason of expressing their service and compassion. As what Helen Keller said and we quote, “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.”

By: Mona Plamio-Dayag
       COC/BVP staff