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Book Month Celebration 2018

November 28,2018

The High School Book Month Celebration was officially launched last November 12, 2018 at the SSC field with the theme “Called, Connected, and Collected: Scholasticans as transformative servant leaders and readers,”

The launching began with students and teachers dressed up as iconic characters as a reminder of the individuals who have contributed to the awakening of visions and pioneered positive developments in the contemporary society. Class tapestries that depicted renowned literary works from the Philippines and around the world were showcased followed by a parade of class representatives dressed up as notable female icons.

Activities for this year’s Book Month Celebration include Mr. and Ms. Literary Universe and Live Mannequins Spree (LMS), Icons of Contemporary Society (a costume-speaking activity per class), Tapestry Designing, Poetry Slam, Uninterrupted Silent Reading (USSR), creative writing and speaking contests across grade levels, parallel talks, and book donation.

The activities aim to develop essential reading and literacy skills among the Scholasticans, promote the use of the library, appreciate the beauty of literature as it mirrors life as a whole; enhance public speaking and creative writing skills, develop creativity, camaraderie and amongst one another as they accomplish given tasks, and exhibit the values of Service and Community as they donate books for the less privileged.

This year’s theme is based on a similar one released by the National Library of the Philippines: “Connected Actions, Collective Vision: Libraries Transforming Society.”