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Basic First Aid Seminar and Demonstration

April 18,2018

Last February 22, 2018, the I-HOTELEIRES in partnership with its academic organization, Junior Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Association (JRHA), organized a Basic First Aid Seminar and Demonstration for the whole HRM department.

As members of the Hospitality and Restaurant industry, our job and responsibilities include guest interaction. The purpose of having the Basic First Aid Seminar and Demonstration not only entails its use for personal emergencies but could also feature a beneficial skill in one’s professional workplace. There are rare cases in which our guests or customers could be in dire need of our first aid assistance and to be able to act accordingly with the necessary and right medical knowledge, one can save lives and moreover, provide a positive image of one’s company.

The JRHA members were lucky enough to have experienced a lifetime knowledge through the First Aid Seminar and Demonstration. This activity helped the participants broaden their insight on what they should do to survive in case of accidents, tragedies or calamities. The activities included understanding a selection of different emergencies, assisting  with emergencies that they may encounter, understanding the role and responsibilities of a first aider, knowing how to assess an incident, managing an unresponsive casualty who is either breathing normally or not, recognizing and assisting casualty who is choking, managing casualty who is wounded and bleeding, understanding how to manage a casualty with a minor injury, and lastly, understanding how to manage a variety of conditions.

Of course, this is not only for our advantage but also for the people around us who are in need of assistance in case of unfortunate occasions. It is essential that we are prepared at all times. With these skills, one can easily prevent someone from getting worse, alleviate pain and help their recovery.

This experience not only gave the HRM students knowledge and necessary skills on the aspect of first aid but it also enlighten them with the value of saving lives and helping people in need. As future members of the hospitality and restaurant industry, our responsibility is to ensure that our guests and customers are always satisfied, safe and secured. Having all of this valuable knowledge allows us to be prepared for such responsibility.

The whole student body of the HRM Department is very grateful for the opportunity that the CHEERS Corporation together with Ms. Sandy Sanchez-Montano gave us in this Basic First Aid Seminar and Demonstration. We assure them that all our learnings will be placed in great use.