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December 9,2015

Our country, as we know it, has been suffering from severe corruption in our government and this has resulted to some of our fellow Filipinos experiencing low quality service from the very institution that should be aiding them. Their  dissatisfation and demands for better service have been made known both nationally and internationally through their countless advocacies and protests.

As a response to the desperate calls for help of our kababayans, Bantay.ph, a civil society organization that helps mobilize citizens to demand better government service and uses technology to advocate good governance in our country, visited SSC last October 14 to host the Leadership Training Seminar (LTS) of the Junior High School (JHS) unit which was participated in by the class and club officers and the Student Council (SC). Bantay.ph has been going around different regions and visiting schools to help society attain a good government and for people to be informed that there are limitations to what their leaders can do while in office.

The seminar started off with the students taking a pre-test which also served as a heads up for the topic that they will talk about. Afterwards, the speaker told the students the purpose and goal of Bantay.ph – to educate young Filipinos about their rights to good government service. The next part of the seminar gave the students an idea about an act that improves the delivery of government services to the public – the “Anti-Red Tape Act”. This was followed by an activity wherein the students were asked of bribing incidents they might have encountered in the past. The sharing of the group aimed at enlightening everyone about the gravity of the offenses in terms of hindering people from achieving better services from the government. The rest of the program continued to help our young leaders open their minds to the things that may contribute to their skills. Likewise, ideas on how to be an effective, accountable and inspiring leaders were also presented to the attendees. At the end of the seminar, the students were asked to tap their creativity in summarizing and expressing the things they have learned. One group sang “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, some drew a picture while the others performed a skit and rapped.

The seminar was really beneficial to our future leaders and hopefully, it will serve as their next step into changing society for the better. In the meantime, while these leaders are still young, they vow to continually do their part in order for them to practice good governance not only within their own class, club or unit but also on our beloved country

By Bianca Agoncillo, Gr.9 Batch Representative