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Around the World of Science (CVS Exhibit)

March 9,2015

Congregatio Pro Vita Scientia (CVS) is an organization composed of all Biology majors in St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. It advocates the appreciation of life and respect for its biotic and abiotic components which interact with one another. Students who are part of this organization know how to care for the environment and make use of innovative ways to promote its preservation. Members are taught how to work together in order to showcase Biology and the numerous scientific fields it governs in a lighter and more exciting manner. It is open for all people interested in scientific study and an experimental approach in solving problems and proving theories of life.

And so it was on the 3rd of December 2014 that the organization held an exhibit in celebration of all the hard work done by its members and other students who took similar science courses. The exhibit was entitled “Around the World of Science.” It also aimed to showcase Biology related subjects ranging from Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, Microbiology, Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physics and others. Students who took part the exhibit displayed the projects they had created for different natural science subjects and this fostered an atmosphere of joint effort and learning. Recycled materials such as old newspapers and cardboard as well as other biodegradable, environment-friendly materials were used to create these displays. The goal was to encompass as much of the field of Biology, or natural science in general, as possible and the exhibit was presented in such a way to its audience that it made them feel as if they were travelling. This sparked the curiosity of people and they toured the small but compact area of the exhibit as if they were visiting different places in the world. This was an appropriate parallelism to the various subjects presented as even though they shared some common characteristics, one being part of the grander scheme of life, they still had their differences which made them more interesting.

The plan was fool-proof as it not only caught the attention of other college students but also encouraged students from lower years such as the elementary students to explore and satisfy their curiosity about the different scientific facets of life. It fascinated them to see some concrete manifestation of the courses and studies being taken up by older students and hopefully they would one day be part of the organization as Biology majors and holding their very own exhibit. Who knows what this exhibit could have done for such bright young girls? Maybe it inspired them to look into the world of science and some day in the future dedicate themselves for the advancement of the field and preservation of the environment. The exhibit has done its purpose, sowing the seed for future generations of doctors and researchers.

By: Congregatio Pro Vita Scientia  (CVS)