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AMCHAM Business Orientation Program Alumni Echo Experience and Learning to Business Faculty: In Aid of Curriculum Improvement

November 24,2014

Two (2) Business students who completed their summer business leadership training in 2013 and 2014 respectively under the auspices of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AMCHAM) were given audience by the faculty of the School of Business last 18 November 2014.  The intention was for the said students to share with the faculty their experience and learning from the program and recommend courses of action that could improve the curriculum and its delivery in the School of Business.

It should be noted that the orientation program, now called Business Leadership Program (BLP) is an 8-day event for select 30 students from various parts of the country.  The week-long period immerses the students in multinational corporation visits, presentations and mentoring sessions with top corporate executives, and team work on a Harvard business case study.  When SSC reactivated its participation to nominate in 2013 (the last one being in 2006), the School of Business was able to place a successful nominee every year.  Those selected by AMCHAM from the SSC nominees were Ms. Ricca Ciana Macabuac (BM & MM major) in 2013 and Ms. Roma Rodriguez (IBEAD major) in 2014.

The presentation of Mss. Macabuac and Rodriguez was basically divided into two (2) portions; experiences and learning, and recommended plans of actions. Immersions in corporate environments and brushing elbows with the executives topped the list, while group dynamics, team cases analysis and presentations were most impactful educational encounters. On the academic side, there are improvements desired of the General Business Education subjects in the School.  They felt that there should be more interaction and simulated hands-on applications in the classroom.  The increase in practicum hours was reiterated which would give students more opportunities to be exposed to the workplace, develop desirable human relations skills and confidence. Equally important is wider organizational affiliation and involvement which would benefit students from leadership roles and power of networking.  In the same token, course subject delivery should enhance students’ familiarity with up-to-date business trends and terms.

To date, the School has prescreened five  3rd year business students to be formally nominated to the 2015 13th Business Leadership  Program on 28 November 2014.  The AMCHAM will begin its nationwide applicants screening in the first week of December 2014.

By: Dean Ramon Mañalac
Dean of School of Business