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A Promulgation of Happiness

February 29,2016

The feeling of pure bliss does not just come from things that we concretely share.

Overwhelmingly joy is also granted by something abstract; that is, experience. The happiness you feel when you see people smiling because of you is something that cannot be bought, too.

TRIPS Club, together with Mrs. Decipulo, the moderator, thought of putting a twist to the outreach activity that the club will hold. TRIPS came up with the idea of giving the S.E.P kids a trip that will create brand new memories and instill more learnings in them.

On the morning of December 5th 2015, TRIPS brought the kids from SSC’s adopted community, Santissima Trinidad Parish, to Museo Pambata in Manila. The children, from departure at SSC to arrival at Museo Pambata, showed immense echilaration for the activities that were in store for them. True enough, as everyone arrived at the venue, there was a sudden pandemonium due to the kids’ and the club memebers’ excitement. There were loud clamors right after everybody began exploring the museum. Wide smiles were plastered brightly on everyone’s faces’ all were intently listening to the tour guides, and each one carefully observed their surroundings.

We arrived earlier that expected at the ground of SSC, but the children did not know that ther was going to be a little celebration. The club members provided snacks for the children and their chaperones to relieve the exhaustion everyone felt after the trip.

The trip to Museo Pambata was a whole new innovation in the field of outreach. It was the first time that the school brought S.E.P kids farther than Estrada and Leon Guinto. It was the best way to help without exorbitant fees. It was another way of expanding the knowledge and familiarity of the children towards the other realities of life.

Everyone wished the trip lasted a bit longer because we founf it hard to say goodbye to each other, but just like any other day, it had to end. We’d say the event was successful because extensive joy was apparent on the kids’ faces. It was shown through their actions and their words.

By: Coleen Ordonez, 9-Openness