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A Moment with Grand Pa and Grand Ma

February 12,2014

The Grade 8 students have been once again introduced to a different perspective of life. They used to conduct SEP tutorials to Santissima Kids since last year but to have a moment with the elderly is an entirely different experience.

The students, together with their CLE teachers and advisers, had the chance to visit and interact with the elders of Hospicio De San Jose from September 30 to October 10. The 2-hour experience of each class helped them realize the significance of the elders in maintaining and strengthening family bond and value system as they listened attentively to the elders’ peak experiences: their joys and pains, their hopes and fears. This episode of life of the Grade 8 students taught them the values of human dignity, respect and compassion.

To intensify this learning, each class came up with a poster slogan about their meaningful encounter with the elderly through the guidance of their integrating subject teachers. Surely, the visit leaves an indelible mark in the heart of each student. Now the Scholasticans are more appreciative of and more loving to their grandparents. 

Seeing the Other Side

In December, Grade 8 students with their respective CLE teachers, advisers and partner teachers, had an exposure trip to Santissima Trinidad which is the school’s partner community. The 45-minute walk gave them an opportunity to have a glimpse of the socio-economic situations and problems in the community. This walk-through made the students more sensitive and more responsive to the needs of the less fortunate as shown in their reflection papers. With this experience, the students are now more eager to conduct SEP tutorials every Saturday.

by Mary Grace S. Garcia