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A Magical and Whimsical Exhibit of Education Students

December 5,2017

The third year Education students held their exhibit of instructional materials on December 5, 2017 at the Freezone. The exhibit showcased the different outputs they created for the class Preparation of Instructional Materials facilitated by Professor Sandra Co Shu Ming. The theme of the exhibit was “A Magical Whimsical Ride: A Journey of Creative Minds.”

Leading the ribbon cutting ceremony was the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Dean Maria Asuncion Azcuna, and the Chairperson of the Education Department, Dr. Richard Pulmones. In her opening remarks Dean Azcuna stated, “Education is very much an invitation to a special place. Remember that you’re teaching ECE and SPED, you’re handling small children. If education for them has that magic, mystery, and wonder, they will continue on to their older years to really enjoy what education is all about.”

Jogee Ocampo, the overall head of the project, stated that, “We came up with the theme because instructional materials can be a way to engage students; a child’s mind can be a creative and magical place so we wanted our exhibit to reflect that.”

“When creating instructional materials, we have to come up with unique and creative ideas so that it can be a magical learning experience for the child,” said Early Childhood Education student Faith Garcia.

Different members of the faculty attended the event as well as Scholastican students from different courses. The guests enjoyed the food, music, and the different materials that the students made throughout the semester such as the Picture Exchange Communication System, big storybooks, puppet shows, pocket charts, and music videos.

It was indeed a magical and whimsical exhibit that showcased the creativity of future Scholastican educators.

By Ana Alexandra Cruz