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45th WNCAA Opening

September 12,2014

It was no surprise that the school were all cheers and screams when the day finally arrived. I, as a sports fanatic, could hardly keep still, my insides were leaping around with excitement. WNCAA had all of us incinerated with a cheering spirit. All the students from different schools wanted to be there to cheer for their varsity players, holding up posters, balloons and screaming their hearts out. The day was clearly about school spirit and the support of the students towards their fellow schoolmates. I think what makes this event so great is the fact that it brings everyone together to be there to cheer for his or her school. Bonding over their victories, they were able to realize that their classmates, batch mates and schoolmates are like their family. Standing together through thick and thin.

The minute I sat foot into the stadium, the deafening screams and cheers of the students rang through my ears. I could hear the distinct sound of drums echo through the place. It was filled with hundreds of people, all of which buzzed with excitement for what awaited them that morning. The whole event radiated a vibrant energy that made you want to participate in all the festivities.

The students were most excited when each of the school was called. They cheered and screamed out loud for their own schools, supporting their schoolmates to the max. The day was filled with glee and smiles, everyone coming together for one reason only: to support their schoolmates. To be there for their second family. In that one stadium, you could see all types of people with all sorts of personalities. On that one day, all of them came together just for their school. To cheer, to honor, to support the one place where they have family, friends, educators, and love.

When I was seated amongst my fellow schoolmates and even from different schools I realized that despite the vibrant and thrilling energy that bounced off the walls of the stadium, the place also made you feel like you were at ease. The way everyone was there just to support their schoolmates made me smile. It gave me the satisfaction and confidence to know that if I was ever in the place of the team members that were at the center of the stadium, my schoolmates would definitely be there to cheer for me. I could now say that for sure.

It was quite evident that all the students, no matter how different, regardless of race or personality, came together just to support their school. That is what I would like to call school spirit. This is the exact kind of spirit that would make our community a lively, embracing place. If everyone were to show the same kind of spirit they showed while they cheered for their schoolmates in their everyday lives then our whole society would be one big happy safe haven. And that’s exactly what the WNCAA was, a safe haven.

By: Preity R. Menghani
8 Acceptance